Supporters & Partners

We are always looking to build partnerships with companies and individuals. So if you would like to help us help the children of our Texas First Responders, please get with us.


nuun, pronounced “noon,” was the first company to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates. before nuun, if you wanted electrolytes, the result was a bottle full of sugar. with our simple, self-dissolving, sugar-free electrolyte tab, we revolutionized the sports drink forever.

12 years later, nuun active hydration is the #1 selling sports drink tab in the cycling, running and outdoor specialty marketplaces. as education about hydration and wellness grows, nuun has become more accessible to a wider range of people. in response, nuun has expanded its product line from sports performance hydration to include two clean-ingredient, vitamin-enhanced products for every day use, nuun all day hydration and u natural hydration.

be it a bike ride, a long day at the office, or a day at home juggling kids, nuun has a tablet and flavor customized to help you stay healthy and hydrated.

nuun and company is based in seattle, wa. nuun is sold in over 5000 outlets in the u.s. and available in over 30 countries.



We are very excited to partner with Power Crunch

Power Crunch, is fanatical about providing smart nutrition for your active body. Our obsession with good health through science drives us to create new ways to blend protein genius with exquisite texture and taste. From decadent chocolate and mocha, to rich berries and mint, our wide variety of bars, drinks and powders provide a treat for your taste buds while they treat your body smart.Whether you're an elite athlete in search of the perfect training supplement, an active mom in need of a healthy snack, or just looking for the ideal source of daily protein, Power Crunch provides you with brilliant protein for uncompromising vitality.Simply put, we make brain food for your body. That’s why we say, “Treat your body smart.”
Power Crunch mission:
Our team is passionate about the science of protein. Our mission is to surprise and delight people of all ages and ethnicities throughout the world with great tasting, superior hydrolyzed whey protein-based products that can help each and every one of them live healthy, vibrant, active lives. Our uncompromising commitment to delivering total excellence in everything we do ensures that our nutritious products are of the highest quality possible and will always deliver an unexpectedly wow, great tasting experience. Enjoy!


Trail Toes

Welcome Trail Toes to the Footsteps For The Fallen family of supporters!

Phenomenal, Ultra-Extreme, Anti-Friction Chaffing, Foot and Body Care Products. For ALL Your Road, Trail, Mountain Runs and Rides

Trail Toes, LLC is a small start-up, veteran and family owned company with aspirations to be so much more.  We specialize in foot and body creams and tapes.  Our products are designed with the ultra-athlete in mind - but made for everyone.  So if you are a runner, walker, trekker, hiker, hunter, rider or swimmer our merchandise will work regardless of the type environment you may find yourself in.  

Trail Toes primary goal is to support the athletic community  through: 

  • An absolute commitment to deliver only the highest quality products
  • Providing foot and body care merchandise at affordable prices
  • Offering anti-friction,  anti-chaffing, and anti-abrasion prevention products that minimize injury
  • Continuous research efforts which guarantee all of our products provide the same level of excellence as those that use them
  • An unconditional promise that we will do everything we can to ensure  customer satisfaction and product dedication
  • We pledge that if you have input - we will listen!

Check out their website for all your anti-friction & anti-chaffing needs!



Official water for Footsteps For The Fallen

evamor water is truly the best water, ever!

At evamor, they believe what’s inside the bottle really counts: all-natural, high-alkaline artesian water, with a pH range of 8.8 - 9.1, and alive with rich minerals and electrolytes. evamor is full of alkaline goodness that helps balance your body and life. You simply can’t get great-tasting water that’s rich in natural alkaline and mineral goodness from your tap. evamor is naturally filtered through earth and stone, perfected over time and through pressure, in a rare artesian aquifer that’s protected miles below the ground. All we do is capture this fantastic water in recyclable PET1, BPA-free bottles.

You can find evamor at HEB, Kroger, Timewise and other locations. So do your body some good, drink evamor! Visit their website for more information.




Home to our weekly fitness group, Monday's @ 6pm

More than a sports bar... it's the evolution of the man cave

Man Kind, opened in June 2015 by the Anagnostou family, is built on their love of sports with deep roots in the community.

Think of Man Kind as a sports lovers living room. Eleven huge high-def screens, delicious food, a full bar, and fourteen beers on tap.

Join your friends for the big game, you wont have to fuss; leave it all to us.



Happy Hour 11am-6pm Mon-Fri

Daily Drink Specials

Lunch 11am-2pm Mon -Fri

Monday -Double Lunch punch (non-alcoholic beverage included) or Buy one Entrée get one 50% off (beverage not included)

Tues-Fri-Single Lunch punch (non-alcoholic beverage included) or Buy one Entrée get one 50% off (beverage  not included)

11001 W. Fairmont Pkwy
La Porte, Texas 77571