My Daily Facebook Post From The 439 Mile Honor Run

Day 1 in the books, 41 miles. It was a hot day on the concrete trail. Thank you all for the amazing support! Let us never forget our fallen!


Day 2 is in the books. 41miles again today. Feeling like I should with 82 miles on the legs.


Day 3 is in the books, 40 miles. Making a three day total of 122 miles. Body is feeling great! Team Footsteps is doing an amazing job caring for me. I do see all yalls post, and it moves me to tears reading them. Thank you all, and let us never forget our fallen.


Day 4 done, 38 miles today. Total for the four day is 160 miles. Body still feeling great.


Day 5 in the books. 41 miles today, totaling 201 miles. Not sure how the body should feel with 200 miles on it. But things are starting to talk to me. Team Footsteps is doing an amazing job caring for me. I do feel the energy of our fallen with me. Thank you all for all the very kind post.


Day 6 in the books, 43 miles, totaling 244 miles. Today hurt, sorry but I walked 99% of today. Team Footsteps is doing an amazing job keeping me moving forward. I could use some extra prayers, my friends.


Day 7 in the books, 41 miles, totaling around 280. Today was a little better day. I had a god talk with the Big Guy, and it's ok to walk. Big Shout out to Waco Fire, Engine 4, A Shift for the escort. Nothing like turning around at mile 34 and seeing some brothers in a big fire truck with their light on. Thank you all for the prayers.


Day 8 done, 42 miles. Legs feeling a little better, a little. Totaling around 347 miles. It's getting close friends.


Day 9 in the books, 38.9 miles. Totaling 366.7 miles. Today was amazing. It started with Waco Fire escorting me until Hewitt Fire could pick me up. Then Lorena Fire escorted until Bruceville-Eddy Fire pick me up. Then the most amazing thing in Bruceville happen. The school let all the kids come out 1st-12th grade, lined the street cheering. Then once in Moody, Moody Fire and PD escorted to the county line. Today was amazing friends. I cried more today then over the last 9 days. Keep praying I can just keep one foot in front of the other.


Day 10 in the books, 38 miles, totaling 404 miles. Today I met a run on the road, great guy. We shared stories and he went on his way. Then a few miles down a lady and her son stopped and gave me a bottle of water, so sweet of them. Then we had to deal with lots of road work, fun fun. Once out of that, we found fresh blacktop for the last 15 miles, was it ever hot. Tomorrow this amazing journey ends, but in one way the next journey begins. Team Footsteps has done an amazing job. There is no way anyone could do anything like this without a team like Tram Footsteps. Thank you all for all the support to all of us as we roll down the road. Let us never forget our fallen or their families.


Day 11 finished, 34 miles, totaling 439 miles. What an amazing life journey. Thank you all for all your support and kind words. Let us never forget our fallen.

Over All Stats
Total Distance: 439.77 miles
Total Time on Feet: 117 Hours, 32 Minutes
Total Elevation Gain: 9817 Feet
Approximate Calories Burned: 41,740. I lost 10 pounds
Fluid intake: 8 – 10 liters of water a day

Tony Constanzo

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