439 Mile Honor Run

We are looking for photos taken during the Honor Run. If you have any, and would like to share them with us, please email them to info@footstepsforthefallen.org


October 1st – 11th, 2015 the founder of Footsteps For The Fallen, ran 439 miles to honor all our fallen Texas firefighters. It started at the Beaumont Fire Museum, making its way to the Houston Fire Memorial, Cy Fair Fire Memorial, Brayton Fire Field Memorial, West Fire Memorial, Abbott Fire Memorial, West EMS Memorial, Bruceville-Eddy Fire, finishing at the State Firefighter Memorial in Austin. This run was both symbolic and practical significance. Symbolically, this challenging endurance event was to honor all our fallen firefighters in Texas that answered the call knowing they could be giving it all, and did. Practically, it provides a way for 30 year firefighter Tony Constanzo, to leverage his passion for endurance running by helping to raise funds to help support Footsteps For The Fallen, scholarship program.

The combination of intense conditions (rain, wind, heat, cold & hills) and 10-12 hours of non-stop running per day requires unsurpassed conditioning, resolute commitment, and unyielding support. Footsteps for the Fallen, Honor Run is truly an elite event, with fewer cumulative participants than the number of people who have landed on the moon. The first eight days will be 40 plus mile days. Day nine will be 38 miles. Day ten will be 37 miles. The last day will be 31 miles.


Thank you to all our sponsors & supporters

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