24hr Treadmill Run

A few words from our President

Last year after finishing the 439 Mile Honor Run, there was a number of people that ask.  

So are you going to do this again next year?

I would answer them, yes, but only if it would have the same impact as this year, but I do not feel it would. It would be more like, hey that guy is running all them miles again this year. 

So after a lot of praying and deep thinking as to what can be done to honor our fallen in the way I feel would push me passed my limits, it came to me.

A 24 Hour Treadmill Run in Full Firefighting Gear with Airpack, that's about 50lbs of gear!

Running 439 Miles over eleven days, not many can grasp just what it takes to do this, but every firefighter can understand wearing their gear, and just how hot and heavy it gets.

The gear I will be wearing is the same gear I wear when on shift.

Jacket: Globe, GXTREME JACKET, Style 31257G1T
Pants: Globe, GXTREME TROUSER, Style 41257G1X
Helmet: Carnies, Model C-TRD
Airpack: Scott AP50

So the next step was to find a place to do this at. 

As a City of La Porte firefighter, again it came to me, the city's fitness center!

After a few meetings with the fitness center and city leaders, everything was given the okay!

So on Sept 30, 2016 at 12 noon, I will start the next journey to honor our fallen Texas Firefighters.

We will be setup in the front lobby of the fitness center, and everyone is welcome to stop by during business hours to say hi and see just what it takes to going.

We will have a live webcam feed going, with a live chat going at times also.

We are also working to put together a virtual run so anyone can run with me.


Footsteps For The Fallen announces, “24 Hour Treadmill Run” Sept 30 – Oct 1, 2016 to raise awareness for Texas Firefighters who have fallen in the line of duty, and to raise funds for the scholarship program, for the children of Texas Firefighters & EMS First Responders.


Tony Constanzo, founder of Footsteps For The Fallen and 32 year veteran firefighter, recently announced he will be performing a superhuman feat of running 24 Hours on a treadmill in 46lbs of full firefighting gear, to raise awareness and funds for the scholarship program.  Footsteps For The Fallen honors the memory of fallen Texas firefighters by awarding the children of Texas Firefighters & EMS First Responders with scholarships.


There are few jobs that require the courage and selfless dedication to helping others as being a Firefighter or First Responder.  Few know this better than Tony Constanzo, a 32 year veteran firefighter and founder of Footsteps For The Fallen.  Footsteps For The Fallen is a non-profit organization that honors the memory of Texas Firefighters who lost their lives on duty by helping the children of Texas Firefighters & EMS First Responders with scholarships.  Recently, Constanzo announced he will be running 24 Hour on a treadmill in 46lbs of full firefighting gear, starting a 12 noon on Sept 30, ending at 12 noon on Oct 1, 2016, to raise awareness and funds for the organization, in honor of every Texas Firefighter who ever made the ultimate sacrifice helping to keep people safe. This event will take place at the City of La Porte’s Fitness Center, 1322 South Broadway, La Porte, Texas, 77571.


“This run is to honor all fallen firefighters in Texas that answered the call knowing they could be giving it all, and did,” commented Constanzo about the coming run. “Endurance running is one of my passions and it's an honor to be able to leverage my passion for running and testing myself for such an important cause. Wearing my gear, every firefighter can understand just how hot and heavy it is.”